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Ticket Information

How to Buy

step 1 Let's start by checkin the schedule!

What day does the tournament start? When does it finish? And what day do tickets go on sale? Let's take a look at the schedule to find out.

Grand Tournament Schedule

step 2 What kind of ticket are available?

There are two basic types of tickets. The first is a Japanese style box in which you sit on the floor. The second type of ticket is called an arena seat and is just like the stadium seating found in your own country.

The price of a Japanese box starts at approximately
¥38,000** (tax included) with one box seating four people.
The price of an arena seat starts at approximately
¥3,800** (tax included).

**Prices will vary slightly between venues.

step 3 Let's call up or log on and order our tickets!

Once you've decided on the date you want to go and the type of ticket you want, log on to either site (Japanese required here as well) to place your order. It's as simple as that!

Box Office Location

  • Box Office Location
    (both Box and Arena Seats)

肆 Let's Go!

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