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2019 May Grand Sumo Tournament:10th Day

2019 May Grand Sumo Tournament Banzuke Topics

Ozeki Debut Takakeisho

  • Takakeisho is the first newly promoted Ozeki since Tochinoshin who was promoted in July last year.
  • He is the first ever newly promoted Ozeki from Chiganoura Beya.
  • There had been no newly promoted Ozeki from Hyogo Prefecture since Masuiyama who had been promoted in March 1980.
  • Taking 28 tournaments since his Sumo debut until his Ozeki promotion, Takakeisho ties the 6th rank in speed.
  • Being 22 years, 7 months and 22 days of age, he is the 9th youngest newly promoted Ozeki.

Sekiwake ReturnIchinojo

  • Ichinojo returns to the Sekiwake, the rank he previously held last November as well as to Sanyaku after 3 tournaments.


  • Tochinoshin has been demoted to Sekiwake. The previous Rikishi being demoted from the Ozeki rank had been Terunofuji in November 2017. Since July 1969 a demotion occurred to 18 Rikishi, 21 times.

* The previous time a new promotion to Ozeki and a demotion from Ozeki at the same tournament occurred in September 2000, with Kaio going up and Musoyama going down the ranks.

Komusubi ReturnAoiyama

  • Aoiyama returns to Komusubi, the rank he previously held in July 2014, after 29 tournaments. He is back in Sanyaku after 26 tournaments, being demoted from Sekiwake to Maegashira after the January tournament 2015. This return to Sanyaku means tying the 7th slowest return since Showa Era.


  • Mitakeumi holds the Komusubi rank for the 3rd consecutive tournament, being in Sanyaku for 14 consecutive tournaments means tying the 2nd rank since Showa Era concerning the length of staying in Sanyaku.

Makuuchi DebutShimanoumi

  • Shimanoumi is the 7th Rikishi from Kise Beya to make his Makuuchi debut since the present Shisho founded it. The previous one had been Ura in the March tournament of 2017.
  • He is the 8th Rikishi post WWII from Mie Prefecture, following Chiyonokuni who had been promoted in January of 2012.
  • Additionally he is the 10th former student of Kindai University following Asanoyama who had been promoted in September 2017.

Makuuchi DebutEnho

  • Enho is the first Rikishi from Miyagino Beya to make his Makuuchi debut since Ishiura who had been promoted in November 2016.
  • He is the 11th Rikishi post WWII from Ishikawa Prefecture, following Kagayaki who had been promoted in January of 2016.
  • He is the first ever former student from Kanazawa Gakuin University to achieve this.

Makuuchi ReturnChiyomaru

  • Chiyomaru returns to Makuuchi after 3 tournaments.

Makuuchi ReturnTokushoryu

  • Tokushoryu returns to Makuuchi after 10 tournaments. He was demoted after the September tournament 2017.

Juryo DebutIrodori

  • Irodori is the 4th Rikishi from Shikoroyama Beya to make his Juryo debut since the present Shisho has founded it. The previous ones had been Homasho, Seiro and Abi who had been promoted in March 2015.
  • He follows Daiki (current Kitanofuji), promoted in July 2016, being the 20th Rikishi from Saitama Prefecture since WWII.

Juryo ReturnChuranoumi

  • Churanoumi returns to Juryo he was demoted from after the July tournament of last year after 5 tournaments.

Juryo ReturnSeiro

  • Seiro returns to Juryo he was demoted from last September after 4 tournaments.