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2019 September Grand Sumo Tournament:8th Day

2019 September Grand Sumo Tournament Banzuke Topics


  • Goeido is Ozeki Kadoban again after the July tournament of last year. This is the eighth time in his career.


  • Tochinoshin is Ozeki Kadoban again after the March tournament of this year. This is his third time.

* The last time there were two or more Ozeki Kadoban in the same tournament was in July 2018 with Goeido and Takayasu.


  • Mitakeumi stays in the Sekiwake-rank for the second consecutive time and is in Sanyaku for 16 tournaments in a row.


  • Takakeisho has been demoted from Ozeki to Sekiwake. The last Rikishi the same demotion happened to was Tochinoshin in May of this year.


  • Abi stays Komusubi for the second tournament in a row.

Komusubi ReturnEndo

  • Endo returns to Komusubi, the rank he previously held in May 2018, after 8 tournaments.

Makuuchi DebutTsurugisho

  • Tsurugisho is the 9th Rikishi from Oitekaze Beya to make his Makuuchi debut since the present Shisho has founded it. He follows Daishoho who was promoted in March of this year.
  • He is the 30th Rikishi post WWII from Tokyo Prefecture, following Hidenoumi, who had been promoted in July 2015.
  • Additionally, he is 37th former student of Nihon University, following the most recent Daiamami, who had been promoted in November 2017.

Makuuchi ReturnIshiura

  • Ishiura returns to Makuuchi after two tournaments.

Makuuchi ReturnAzumaryu

  • Azumaryu returns to Makuuchi he had been demoted from in the September tournament of 2014. Taking 30 tournaments to achieve this means the second slowest return in history.

Makuuchi ReturnYutakayama

  • Yutakayama returns to Makuuchi he was demoted from in March after three tournaments.

Juryo DebutAsagyokusei

  • Asagyokusei is the first Rikishi from Takasago Beya making his Juryo debut since Asanoyama who was promoted in March 2017.
  • He is the 12th Rikishi post WWII from Mie Prefecture to achieve this. The previous one had been Shimanoumi who was promoted in July of 2016.
  • Furthermore, Asagyokusei is the 12th former student of Kindai University to be promoted to Juryo. The previous one had been Asanoyama.

Juryo DebutKaisho

  • Kaisho is the first ever Rikishi from Asakayama Beya to be promoted to Juryo since the present Shisho had founded it on the first of February 2014.
  • He is also the 26th Rikishi post WWII from Aichi Prefecture to achieve this. The previous one had been Dewahayate in the November tournament of 2014.

Juryo ReturnSeiro

  • Seiro returns to Juryo after two tournaments.

Juryo ReturnIrodori

  • Irodori returns to Juryo after two tournaments.