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"Sumo Kenko Taiso" - Sumo health exercises

In recent years, as our traditional lifestyle patterns have changed, our opportunities for walking have grown fewer and fewer. This has helped cause our legs and lower backs to grow weaker and presented us with various health problems.

In a severe natural environment, human beings trod the land, persevered and survived, and over time came to walk up right on two feet, behavior which is not seen among other animals. At the same time, humans took on the burden of balancing themselves in an unstable upright posture.

Stability of the backbone, which is also the major pathway of our nervous system, is required not only for nerves to function effectively, but is also important for the management of the entire body. Strengthening the muscles around the legs and lower back, which provide support for the backbone, is beneficial for our health.

Sumo training, which has evolved through Japanese traditions, includes various fundamentalmovements such as stamping, arm thrusting and shuffling. These exercises represent unique and advanced methods of allowing the wrestler to make maximum use of their strength by drawing the centre of gravity down to the lower abdomen (below the belly button) and strengthening and stabilizing the spine which is the body's central axis.

Based on these fundamental sumo movements, we have developed a range of health exercises which can be easily enjoyed by everyone, young and old, male and female, the sumo health exercises.

Continual practice of these health exercises relaxes the muscles, improves circulation and stimulates the nervous system, resulting in the promotion of digestion, absorption and metabolism. The exercises also promote stimulation of the brain, recovery from tiredness, reduction of stress and strengthening of the legs and lower back, which slows down of the ageing process, restores bodily functions, increases basic physical strength for sport, improves concentration and develops a fine sense of balance.

We will be happy if these exercises can help middle-aged and elderly people enjoy a vibrant healthy lifestyle, and help children develop to be strong, kind, lively and able to stand firm.