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2018 Tour Schedule

2018 Autumn Tour Schedule

Date Place Prefecture
October 3 Wed. Ota-ku Tokyo Prefecture
October 4 Thu. Ota Gunma Prefecture
October 5 Fri. Ashikaga Tochigi Prefecture
October 6 Sat. Saitama Saitama Prefecture
October 7 Sun. Chiba Chiba Prefecture
October 8 Mon. Minamiashigara Kanagawa Prefecture
October 9 Tue. Higashiizu Shizuoka Prefecture
October 10 Wed. Kofu Yamanashi Prefecture
October 11 Thu. Kasugai Aichi Prefecture
October 12 Fri. Yokkaichi Mie Prefecture
October 13 Sat. Toyota Aichi Prefecture
October 14 Sun. Kanazawa Ishikawa Prefecture
October 16 Tue. Izumisano Osaka Prefecture
October 17 Wed. Kyoto Kyoto Prefecture
October 18 Thu. Ikeda Osaka Prefecture
October 19 Fri. Kurayoshi Tottori Prefecture
October 20 Sat. Soja Okayama Prefecture
October 21 Sun. Takamatsu Kagawa Prefecture
October 23 Tue. Anan Tokushima Prefecture
October 24 Wed. Kochi Kochi Prefecture
October 25 Thu. Matsuyama Ehime Prefecture
October 26 Fri. Kure Hiroshima Prefecture
October 27 Sat. Hiroshima Hiroshima Prefecture
October 28 Sun. Shunan Yamaguchi Prefecture

2018 Winter Tour Schedule

Date Place Prefecture
December 2 Sun. Nagasaki Nagasaki Prefecture
December 3 Mon. Nogata Fukuoka Prefecture
December 4 Tue. Kurume Fukuoka Prefecture
December 5 Wed. Yukuhashi Fukuoka Prefecture
December 6 Thu. Beppu Oita Prefecture
December 7 Fri. Nobeoka Miyazaki Prefecture
December 8 Sat. Takamori Kumamoto Prefecture
December 9 Sun. Koshi Kumamoto Prefecture
December 10 Mon. Uto Kumamoto Prefecture
December 11 Tue. Hioki Kagoshima Prefecture
December 12 Wed. Kagoshima Kagoshima Prefecture
December 13 Thu. Kitakyusyu Fukuoka Prefecture
December 15 Sat. Ginowan Okinawa Prefecture
December 16 Sun. Ginowan Okinawa Prefecture
December 20 Thu. Kumagaya Saitama Prefecture
December 21 Fri. Kawagoe Saitama Prefecture
December 22 Sat. Tsuchiura Ibaraki Prefecture

2018 Spring Tour Schedule (2018 Completed)

Date Place Prefecture
April 1 Sun. Ise Shrine Honozumo
(ceremonial tournament held in the shine’s precincts)
Mie Prefecture
April 2 Mon. Nakatsugawa Gifu Prefecture
April 3 Tue. Sakai Osaka Prefecture
April 4 Wed. Maizuru Kyoto Prefecture
April 5 Thu. Himeji Hyogo Prefecture
April 6 Fri. Takarazuka Hyogo Prefecture
April 7 Sat. Kariya Aichi Prefecture
April 8 Sun. Shizuoka Shizuoka Prefecture
April 9 Mon. Kakegawa Shizuoka Prefecture
April 10 Tue. Ina Nagano Prefecture
April 11 Wed. Tomi Nagano Prefecture
April 12 Thu. Soka Saitama Prefecture
April 13 Fri. Kawasaki Kanagawa Prefecture
April 14 Sat. Fujisawa Kanagawa Prefecture
April 15 Sun. Takasaki Gunma Prefecture
April 16 Mon. Yasukuni Shrine Honozumo
(ceremonial tournament held in the shrine’s precincts)
Tokyo Prefecture
April 18 Wed. Kashiwa Chiba Prefecture
19 Thu.
April 20 Fri. Machida Tokyo Prefecture
April 21 Sat. Hachioji Tokyo Prefecture
April 22 Sun. Ome Tokyo Prefecture
April 24 Tue. Toride Ibaraki Prefecture
April 25 Wed. Kasama Ibaraki Prefecture
April 27 Fri. Koshigaya Saitama Prefecture

2018 Summer Tour Schedule (2018 Completed)

Date Place Prefecture
July 29 Sun. Ogaki Gifu Prefecture
July 30 Mon. Otsu Shiga Prefecture
July 31 Tue. Katsuyama Fukui Prefecture
August 1 Wed. Komatsu Ishikawa Prefecture
August 2 Thu. Uotsu Toyama Prefecture
August 3 Fri. Yuzawa-machi, Uonuma-gun Niigata Prefecture
August 4 Sat. Niigata Niigata Prefecture
August 5 Sun. Nagano Nagano Prefecture
August 6 Mon. Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gun Nagano Prefecture
August 7 Tue. Tokorozawa Saitama Prefecture
August 8 Wed. Aoyama Gakuin Tokyo Prefecture
August 9 Thu. Ryugasaki Ibaraki Prefecture
August 10 Fri. Shirakawa Fukushima Prefecture
August 11 Sat. Nanyo Yamagata Prefecture
August 12 Sun. Sendai Miyagi Prefecture
August 14 Tue. Oshu Iwate Prefecture
August 15 Wed. Rikuzentakata Iwate Prefecture
August 16 Thu. Hachinohe Aomori Prefecture
August 18 Sat. Obihiro Hokkaido Prefecture
August 19 Sun. Sapporo Hokkaido Prefecture
August 21 Tue. Akita Akita Prefecture
August 22 Wed. Tachikawa Tokyo Prefecture
August 23 Thu. Mishima Shizuoka Prefecture
August 24 Fri. Odawara Kanagawa Prefecture
August 25 Sat. Kasukabe Saitama Prefecture
August 26 Sun. KITTE Tokyo Prefecture
For Further Information Please Contact:
Nihon Sumo Kyokai
TEL. (in Japanese please): 03-3623-5111
information available: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
(closed Saturdays, Sundays & holidays)