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2019 Tour Schedule

2019 Spring Tour Schedule (2019 Completed)

Date Place Prefecture
March 31 Sun. Ise Shrine Honozumo
(ceremonial tournament held in the shine’s precincts)
Mie Prefecture
April 1 Mon. Gojo Nara Prefecture
April 2 Tue. Nara Nara Prefecture
April 3 Wed. Kakogawa Hyogo Prefecture
April 4 Thu. Toyooka Hyogo Prefecture
April 5 Fri. Uji Kyoto Prefecture
April 6 Sat. Tsu Mie Prefecture
April 7 Sun. Nishio Aichi Prefecture
April 9 Tue. Shizuoka Shizuoka Prefecture
April 10 Wed. Hachioji Tokyo Prefecture
April 12 Fri. Kawasaki Kanagawa Prefecture
April 13 Sat. Fujisawa Kanagawa Prefecture
April 14 Sun. Hitachiomiya Ibaraki Prefecture
April 15 Mon. Yasukuni Shrine Honozumo
(ceremonial tournament held in the shrine’s precincts)
Tokyo Prefecture
April 17 Wed. Ota-ku Tokyo Prefecture
April 18 Thu. Adachi-ku Tokyo Prefecture
April 19 Fri. Gyoda Saitama Prefecture
April 20 Sat. Kashiwa Chiba Prefecture
April 21 Sun. Takasaki Gunma Prefecture
April 22 Mon. Sano Tochigi Prefecture
April 25 Thu. Hidaka Saitama Prefecture
April 26 Fri. Ome Tokyo Prefecture
April 27 Sat. Yokohama Kanagawa Prefecture
April 28 Sun. Machida Tokyo Prefecture
April 29 Mon. Mito Ibaraki Prefecture

2019 Summer Tour Schedule (2019 Completed)

Date Place Prefecture
July 28 Sun. Gifu Gifu Prefecture
July 29 Mon. Habikino Osaka Prefecture
July 30 Tue. Kusatsu Shiga Prefecture
July 31 Wed. Echizen Fukui Prefecture
August 1 Thu. Toyama Toyama Prefecture
August 2 Fri. Matsumoto Nagano Prefecture
August 3 Sat. Tokorozawa Saitama Prefecture
August 4 Sun. Togane Chiba Prefecture
August 6 Tue. Tachikawa Tokyo Prefecture
August 7 Wed. Chichibu Saitama Prefecture
August 8 Thu. Utsunomiya Tochigi Prefecture
August 9 Fri. Koriyama Fukushima Prefecture
August 10 Sat. Fukushima Fukushima Prefecture
August 11 Sun. Sendai Miyagi Prefecture
August 12 Mon. Murayama Yamagata Prefecture
August 13 Tue. Aomori Aomori Prefecture
August 14 Wed. Kitatsugaru-gun Aomori Prefecture
August 16 Fri. Hakodate Hokkaido Prefecture
August 17
Sapporo Hokkaido Prefecture
August 19 Mon. Kushiro Hokkaido Prefecture
August 25 Sun. KITTE Tokyo Prefecture

2019 Autumn Tour Schedule (2019 Completed)

Date Place Prefecture
October 5 Sat. Nanao Ishikawa Prefecture
October 6 Sun. Kanazawa Ishikawa Prefecture
October 7 Mon. Tonami Toyama Prefecture
October 8 Tue. Itoigawa Niigata Prefecture
October 9 Wed. Otawara Tochigi Prefecture
October 10 Thu. Chiba Chiba Prefecture
October 11 Fri. Sagamihara Kanagawa Prefecture
October 12 Sat. Kofu Yamanashi Prefecture
October 13 Sun. Izu Shizuoka Prefecture
October 14 Mon. Yaizu Shizuoka Prefecture
October 16 Wed. Hamamatsu Shizuoka Prefecture
October 17 Thu. Tokoname Aichi Prefecture
October 18 Fri. Kyoto Kyoto Prefecture
October 19 Sat. Kadoma Osaka Prefecture
October 20 Sun. Himeji Hyogo Prefecture
October 22 Tue. Aki Kochi Prefecture
October 23 Wed. Kurashiki Okayama Prefecture
October 24 Thu. Izumo Shimane Prefecture
October 25 Fri. Mihara Hiroshima Prefecture
October 26 Sat. Hiroshima Hiroshima Prefecture
October 27 Sun. Fukuyama Hiroshima Prefecture

2019 Winter Tour Schedule (2019 Completed)

Date Place Prefecture
December 1 Sun. Nogata Fukuoka Prefecture
December 3 Tue. Shimonoseki Yamaguchi Prefecture
December 4 Wed. Hitoyoshi Kumamoto Prefecture
December 5 Thu. Ukiha Fukuoka Prefecture
December 6 Fri. Oita Oita Prefecture
December 7 Sat. Oguni-machi, Aso-gun Kumamoto Prefecture
December 8 Sun. Kagoshima Kagoshima Prefecture
December 10 Tue. Isahaya Nagasaki Prefecture
December 11 Wed. Saga Saga Prefecture
December 14
Uruma Okinawa Prefecture
For Further Information Please Contact:
Nihon Sumo Kyokai
TEL. (in Japanese please): 03-3623-5111
information available: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
(closed Saturdays, Sundays & holidays)