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2017 November Tournament Highlights

Tournament Highlights

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East Kimarite
(Winning Technique)
West Details of Match
4th Day Kisenosato 黒丸 tsukidashi 白丸 Takakeisho Details
5th Day Daiamami 黒丸 sukuinage 白丸 Aminishiki Details
6th Day Mitakeumi 白丸 hatakikomi 黒丸 Onosho Details
6th Day Takakeisho 白丸 oshidashi 黒丸 Takayasu Details
7th Day Kisenosato 黒丸 yorikiri 白丸 Hokutofuji Details
8th Day Mitakeumi 黒丸 oshidashi 白丸 Takakeisho Details
9th Day Takakeisho 黒丸 hatakikomi 白丸 Onosho Details
10th Day Goeido 黒丸 hatakikomi 白丸 Mitakeumi Details
11th Day Goeido 黒丸 oshitaoshi 白丸 Hokutofuji Details
13th Day Okinoumi 白丸 shitatenage 黒丸 Tochinoshin Details
14th Day Hokutofuji 黒丸 tsukidashi 白丸 Onosho Details
14th Day Endo 黒丸 oshidashi 白丸 Hakuho Details
Final Day Chiyoshoma 黒丸 uwatedashinage 白丸 Aminishiki Details
Final Day Takarafuji 黒丸 oshidashi 白丸 Onosho Details
Final Day Goeido 黒丸 uwatenage 白丸 Hakuho Details