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Irumagawa Beya

NOTE: The title appearing under the coaching name indicates the individual's position in the Nihon Sumo Kyokai.

NOTE: C=Top Division Championship, O=Outstanding Performance Award, F=Fighting Spirit Prize, T=Technique Prize


Master Irumagawa Tetsuo <iin>

Ring Name Sekiwake Tochitsukasa
Given Name Tetsuo Goto
Date of Birth April 25, 1958
Place of Birth Aichi
Career Record 465 - 448 - 27
Prizes C-0/ O-0/ F-1/ T-1


Coach Wakafuji Nobuhide <iin>

Ring Name Maegashira #4 Otsukasa
Given Name Nobuhide Ouchi
Date of Birth February 18, 1971
Place of Birth Hyogo
Career Record 616 - 660 - 1
Prize Record C-0/ O-0/ F-0/ T-0



East Makushita #42 Sagatsukasa
East Makushita #51 Omoto
East Makushita #58 Hirotsukasa


West Sandanme #30 Mitotsukasa
East Sandanme #35 Saidaiji
West Sandanme #92 Mibu


West Jonidan #14 Yutsukasa
East Jonidan #20 Ryutsukasa
East Jonidan #59 Hisatsukasa
West Jonidan #90 Tomiyama
East Jonidan #103 Muramatsu

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